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Rovio is whisking gamers away to a galaxy far, far away today. They've released puzzle game/merchandising opportunity Angry Birds Star Wars for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.

Angry Birds Star Wars retains the core Angry Birds gameplay. Players fling birds at structures and try to wipe out the green pigs hiding inside. The big difference is that the characters and locations are based on the Star Wars films. Expect Rebel Birds, Pigtroopers, and a planet-destroying Pig Star.

All of the birds you'll use in the game are inspired by main characters from the series, like Luke and Han. Each has Star Wars appropriate abilities that can be unleashed on the pigs, like lightsaber slashes and blaster shots. Your birds can be leveled up over time to make them more powerful.

The game has 80 levels set on Tatooine, the Pig Star and other locations. By skillful play, you can unlock bonus C-3PO and R2-D2 levels as well. Rovio also promises to add new content with free updates.

The iPhone and iPod Touch versions are 99 cents, while the ad-supported Android phone edition is free. It'll cost $2.99 to download the game to your iPad or Kindle Fire. The PC and Mac iterations are $4.99.

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