The most mind-warping video game experience ever will be making its official release on January 31st via Steam. The game sports some of the most over-the-top visual puzzles ever and the game that walked away with many gaming sites having to agglutinate more psyche-references with aesthetic terms than anyone would think humanly possible and the crazy part about it is that none of it is hyperbole.

Antichamber comes courtesy of the Unreal Development Kit, Epic's free-to-use SDK. The project is an indie collaboration that made the rounds at various contests and conventions and picked up numerous awards and accolades. It's probably best described as geometric pornography for non-linear thinkers. Check it out below.

I've always loved what this game aimed to accomplish and I love the art-style, the complex mind-warping puzzles and total thought-manipulation procedures for getting out of the anti-chambers. I'd love to see Ebert try to wrap some negative criticisms around this game as a form of “non-art” without coming off as being completely and utterly ridiculous.

Anyway, if you want to experience an LSD trip without taking any LSD, just look for Antichamber to launch for Steam later this month on January 31st. For more information feel free to visit the Official Website.

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