Arcania: Gothic 4 Patch Released For PC

The PC version of Arcania: Gothic 4 received a patch today. In addition to making gameplay and performance tweaks, the patch also prevents some crashing issues.

The update should be installed automatically. If not, you can grab it yourself off various download sites. The full notes are below.

  • FIXED: Interruption of interactions with sword strikes
  • FIXED: Acknowledgements playback after loading a save game
  • FIXED: Jump interrupted by FMV character freeze
  • FIXED: Cool down in the inventory screen
  • FIXED: Reduced ocean clipping problem for Stereoscopic 3D
  • FIXED: Arrows stick on already disintegrated Demon
  • FIXED: Stamina consumption while sprinting with equipped spells added
  • FIXED: SLI issues & optimizations
  • FIXED: Crash on vista machines when starting the game on the second adapter while the first adapter was disabled
  • FIXED: Stereoscopic 3D can be deactivated from the NVIDIA control panel before launching game
  • FIXED: Pickable item restoration
  • FIXED: Multiple CPU profiles in process manager
  • FIXED: Clouds use dynamic vertex buffer for frequent locking
  • FIXED: Performance problem with terrain tile generation
  • FIXED: Performance bug in trails
  • FIXED: Rare crash when arrows stuck in players vanished
  • FIXED: Additional unnecessary loading screen when using a teleport stone-need
Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.