With Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag only a few days out from shipping, chances are you sneaky-types in the audience will be busy jumping from rooftop to rooftop and stabbing folks with wrist-mounted blades into the holiday season. But what will you do with yourself once Black Flag is done and the New Year rolls around? Now the answer could very well be: Jump from more rooftops and stab more dudes, as Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD has received a launch date of January 14th.

Originally released for the PlayStation Vita, Assassin's Creed: Liberation tells the story Aveline, the first playable female Assassin living in a New Orleans struggling with war and slavery. Along with the standard array of sneaky moves, harrowing acrobatics and skilful combat, Aveline had the ability to blend in to her surroundings rather than going in guns/blades blazing all the time. Taking on the role of an Assassin, a high class lady or a slave, she could infiltrate formerly off limits areas and discover new, less violent ways to complete her missions.

Now the game is headed to the PlayStation 3 as a PSN download, and it's packing the requisit HD upgrade to boot. Wrestle gators, steer carts, shoot fools in the neck with a blowdart and introduce all manner of enemies to all manner of pointy instruments. Yep, it's all here.

Upisoft Sofia Producer Momchil Valentinov Gindyanov recently made the Jan. 14 release date for Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD official, saying that even fans of the Vita version of the game will find new stuff to love in this latest version, complete with new missions, enhanced levels and refined gameplay.

“When we set out to do Liberation HD, our objective was simple: improve upon what worked on the Vita and adapt the gameplay and missions to be the most fun and enjoyable they could be,” she said. “As a result, each mission has been reworked in order to improve its pacing, and the challenge it poses to the player.”

Look for Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD on Jan. 14, through the PlayStation Network, for $19.99. Earlier announcements for the game had it pegged as coming to the Xbox 360 and PC, too, but no word yet on if those versions of the game will share the same release date. That is, however, a pretty safe bet.

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