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Batman: Arkham Knight Developer Is Now Playable Character

Modders are always pushing the boundaries on their creativity and their latest endeavor involves adding some unlikely faces to the Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay experience. So who was added to the game? None other than the game director and co-founder of Rocksteady Studios, Sefton Hill.

The game director is accurately recreated in Batman: Arkham Knight and you can see him in action with the video below courtesy of Heitor Fraga.

The seven minute video features Sefton Hill going around, mimicking Batman's moves and beating the ever living crap out of anyone unlucky enough to end up in his way. He can drive the Batmobile and has the ability to grapple around Gotham and even glide – the latter of which looks absolutely ridiculous but only adds to the appeal of the mesh swap. Hill joins other characters who have been swapped in the game, including a playable Alfred, Harley Quinn and even Jim Gordon.

Surprisingly Hill's mouth movements and animations are done quite well and looks really good in Batman: Arkham Knight. The one rising knee-lift he pulls off early in the video while fighting the two punks outside the store looks so satisfyingly good. Modder Tchi6 did a bang-up job ensuring that the mesh swap was proper and not a glitchy mess, which is sometimes bound to happen when swapping around some characters.

The mod gained a lot of attention and feedback from the gaming community and eventually resulted in a lot of people asking the video uploader Heitor Fraga about mesh swaps for other characters and outfits. One of the more requested items was getting the Red Hood's sweet looking jacket on the Arkham Knight. That was actually one of the things I was hoping to see in the game as well, because the Arkham Knight getup looks really cool but so does his jacket in the Red Hood outfit. Combining the two would be phenomenal.

However, Fraga mentions that the Red Hood and Arkham Knight combination is not really possible because of the way both meshes are designed. But then again, Fraga isn't the one doing the Batman: Arkham Knight mods... he's just uploading the videos for the masses. This will all depend on Tchi6 and what kind of magic he plans to pull off regarding the swaps for the Red Hood and Arkham Knight.

For those of you who want to play as Sefton Hill in Batman: Arkham Knight you can follow the instructions within the YouTube description to replace the Batman mesh with Hill. It's a bit of a process and requires some command line tweaking in addition to downloading the mod file.

Unfortunately Batman: Arkham Knight is still unavailable for purchase on PC after Warner Bros had to pull the game due to quality concerns. However, the game is expected to re-launch for PC this fall alongside the Mac and Linux versions of the game. If you already own Batman: Arkham Knight you can get the Sefton Hill mod through the Mediafire link in the YouTube description.

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