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Battlefield 3 Cracked To Run Without Origin, EA Sheds A Tear

EA is probably fuming over the news right now but gamers and anti-Origin groups are cheering over a slight victory. Torrent-natives and piracy group Razor1911 has announced (yes, they have announced) that Origin is no longer needed to play DICE's highly praised multiplayer shooter, Battlefield 3. If you’re an EA fanboy, you better pull that flameproof jockstrap out of the closet, and you may as well bring your matching flameproof 2.0 girdle to the party…you’re going to need it.

According to GamaSutra, Razer1911 released an Origin-free crack that enables true Battlefield fans to play without having to open or use EA’s new service, just as if it was 2002 and DRM was just a pipedream at a Ubisoft shareholders meeting.

Well, it gets better…Razor group had a statement alongside the crack (yes, pirates these days are sophisticated enough to play the PR game) stating that…

"This release is dedicated to our fans worldwide who bought this game on [sic] legal way and don't want to install the trojan from Electronic Arts to play online,”

Yes, that’s right folks. As the statement says, this crack is only for those who bought the game the legit way. This isn’t for those same people who downloaded the full game from Torrentz a few weeks ago and want to play multiplayer scotch free, since the only way to access the multiplayer is via Origin and Battlelog. Any of you pirates who get the game illegally and then use the above mentioned crack should feel very ashamed of yourselves…you’re completely foregoing EA’s plans of world domination through a digital distribution service. How is EA going to rule the world, spy on your e-mail like the CIA, uninstall DLC when you aren't looking or give you a digital wet-Willy while you're playing games on Steam if you don't install Origin? Really...Shame. On. You.

The Razor1911 patch is only 8MB and is said to only work for those who bought the game legally. Realistically, though, if you already bought the game from Origin you may as well stick with it. I don’t really see the point of going through the hassle of removing Origin when it’s no less intrusive than Battlelog.

Anyway, you can pick up Battlefield 3 from retailers or from Origin for $59.99. Check out Gaming Blend’s review of the game if you’re unsure the game is worth the purchase (or you could always just pirate a copy and see for yourself, which I’m sure some of you already did).

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