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New Battlefield 4 Easter Egg Offers Puzzle With Cool Reward

There are Easter eggs in games, and then there is whatever you want to call this insane series of events that was recently uncovered within Battlefield 4 that rewards players with a special camo. Get ready to crack some codes.

Known as the Battlefield 4 illuminati Easter egg, this multi-stage web of an event within the game’s multiplayer mode was recently untangled by players ShadowSix, HattiWatti, jackfrags and Hadoukenz. They do a fine job of leading you through the process in a recent video highlighting the details of the Easter egg, which you can check out for yourself below. As mentioned above, the process to uncover the illuminati Easter egg is complex, which explains why the video clocks in at over 10 minutes in length. But if you manage to make it through the process for yourself within the game, you’ll be rewarded with a special suit of camo that is usually reserved for DICE employees. Not a bad way to show off your dedication to the game, right?

So how insane was that? When games like Uncharted, Just Cause or Dying Light drop an Easter egg into a game, it’s typically an item or small event that references some other well-known thing from pop culture. You might find a sword from World of Warcraft or the hatch from Lost hidden on the map, but that’s usually where other developers draw the line.

That’s not the case for Battlefield 4, as their Easter egg requires time, patience, a ridiculous amount of searching and even figuring out some logic puzzles that require pen and paper on the side. It’s easy to see how this particular quest has been dubbed “illuminati,” because it feels like you’re basically cracking the Da Vinci Code within what was, until this point, just a first-person shooter.

It’s no surprise, then, that it took over a year and multiple players working together to finally figure the whole mess out. The hidden items are peppered across the Dragon Valley map, as well as Zavod: Graveyard Shift. In the midst of finding all of those interactive items (that are super tiny, no less), you’ll need to use various pieces of information to solve some additional puzzles in order to get your code to unlock the special camo.

The extra bit of brilliance is that DICE didn’t make this easy even if you’re using the above guide. It turns out the final code that you come up with is individualized, so you can’t just use the same solution as another player. Instead, you’ll need to boot up Battlefield 4 yourself and actually go through all of these steps in order to get your own code. They’ve done the heavy lifting, but you’ll still have to manage all of the leg work.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.