Battlefield Hardline Should Be Battlefield 4 DLC, Petition Says

Some gamers don't believe that Battlefield Hardline should be a full game. A new petition demands the Hardline be released as an add-on to 2013's Battlefield 4 instead.

The petition argues that it's not fair to ask players to pay for another $60 Battlefield game just a year after BF4's launch. Many players didn't even get their money's worth out of BF4 due to its various technical problems - some of which still persist.

"We ask EA to launch BF Hardline as downloadable content for BF4 as we will not pay the full price for a slightly different game," the petition says. "We think this will be fare [sic] as you will stop the support for BF4 after the launch of BF Hardline. Boycott EA from now if they won't change. This is the straw that breaks the camel's back. EA seems not to care about their gamers, about us. They only seem to care about profit."

The petition creator hopes that by getting as many signatures as possible, they'll be able to get EA's attention. Their signature goal is 200,000 but that seems like a very lofty goal right now. As of this writing, only 29 gamers have signed the petition.

The petition's long-term growth might be hurt by the existence of a similar petition. This petition also asks for Hardline to be released as DLC. It argues that charging $60 for Hardline is a "slap in the face to fans":

"The engine, the gameplay, and the entire experience is just a texture pack/reskin of Battlefield 4. The addition of a couple extra gadgets, and changing the scoring system to a 'cash' system does not constitute a full retail release.Don't get me wrong, Battlefield: Hardline looks amazing. If it was a mod, I would be ridiculously excited about it. But it is not a mod. EA does not support mods to their games. Instead, we are given a reskinned battlefield experience and expected to fork over 60 dollars to continue to play with our friends online. Enough is enough. One of the reasons they have continued their disrespectful business practices is because we let them. We continue to buy the same game every year. We continue to except the fact that in many situations, we are paying to be beta testers.

I can see where these gamers are coming from. The only exposure we've had to Battlefield: Hardline so far is the beta. The test's two modes are fun but it doesn't feel like a brand-new game. The character classes, equipment and visuals of the game are all close enough to BF4 to deserve skepticism.

It's unlikely that EA will make Hardline into an expansion pack no matter how many signatures these petitions get. They'd lose far too much money by trimming down the game into DLC. I hope the petition gets their attention, though, and helps them recognize the doubt that exists among many Battlefield veterans. These fans think that annual BF sequels will kill the franchise, just as DICE once believed. EA is going to need to do a better job moving forward of showing off what's unique and new about this spin-off. Otherwise, a lot of fans may pass on this game.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.