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Bethesda Will Show Off Loads Of Fallout 4 Gameplay At E3, Report Says

It hasn't been verified if it's true or not, but there are already reports going around based on leaked information from an industry insider that nearly half an hour worth of Fallout 4 gameplay footage will be on display at E3 this year during Bethesda's E3 press conference.

The report comes courtesy of German gaming websites PC Games. They state that a source close to Bethesda confirmed to them that Fallout 4 will indeed be a part of E3 this year. According to the source the game will get an on-stage presentation that will range between 20 and 30 minutes long, with actual gameplay footage showcased.

Moreover, the report also notes that after the E3 footage Fallout 4 will go dark until, presumably, 2016.

This kind of rumor doesn't seem unlikely and this kind of report doesn't seem far fetched. Fallout 4 is on our list of 10 games we're really excited to see at E3 this year, and a lot of stars seem to be aligned that indicate that the game will be unveiled by Bethesda.

One of the biggest indicators is the fact that Bestheda is even having an on-stage E3 press conference. Usually the conferences are reserved for really big announcements by the console manufacturers (it's a given and a necessity to keep core consumers engaged with the product) as well as major third-party publishers with new technologies or highly anticipated AAA games scheduled for release. Ubisoft and EA are oftentimes the other major publishers who host conferences, but this year we have publishers like Bethesda and Square Enix stepping up to the plate.

The stage conference usual lasts for just over an hour. If the report is true that Fallout 4 will get up to 30 minutes of stage time then that means that it's going to consume a large portion of Bethesda's conference time. Additionally, given the high-profile nature and high anticipation for the game, I would suspect that Fallout 4 would likely be the last thing that Bethesda details on the stage.

Other games that the company will likely showcase includes The Elder Scrolls Online for the home consoles and PC – potentially a new expansion pack, maybe? And, of course, people have been waiting an entire year to finally get the first footage of Doom. The return of the classic first-person shooter has already been hailed as gory and hyper-violent. The general consensus seems to be that it's just like the old-school Doom from the early 1990s made for today's generation of hardware.

Right now, it's really hard to tell if Doom or Fallout 4 will close out the show, but that's a testament to the prestigious announcements that Bethesda has planned for their E3 conference. In our own little list, Dishonored 2 was something we really wanted to see appear at E3 as well, and while Bethesda has made no announcements or hints about it, it's possible that it could be a surprise entrant at their conference.

Of course, for right now, all the news and focus is on Fallout 4 and what we can expect from Bethesda when June 14th rolls around. Next month is going to be a pretty exciting time.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.