Beyond Good And Evil 2, I Am Alive Not Cancelled

Ubisoft announced yesterday that they've canceled several games. No need to be sad, though. They cancelled games you never knew existed in the first place.

"Terminated projects were unannounced projects," a Ubisoft spokesperson told Eurogamer.

Eurogamer assumed, like us, that Beyond Good and Evil 2 and I Am Alive would be among the cuts. Ubisoft says both games are safe, though. Will they actually start telling us about these games? No, they will not.

"We have nothing new to report on those two titles for the moment," said Ubisoft.

I Am Alive is a survival game that takes place in Chicago after a major earthquake. The main character sets out to find his missing girlfriend in the ruined city. He'll have to contend with environmental hazards as well as the crazed survivors stranded in the city along with him.

We know even less about Beyond Good and Evil 2. Its predecessor was an action-adventure game starring a photojournalist named Jade. By sneaking past enemies and solving puzzles, she was able to infiltrate top-secret locations and gather evidence to unearth a conspiracy. Presumably the sequel has a similar premise but, well, we have no way of knowing.

At this point, I've written more articles on whether or not these games have been cancelled than articles containing fresh information on these games. It would be nice to do more of the latter type of writing but that depends on Ubisoft. For now, we have to be content knowing that these projects are still kicking.

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