BioShock Infinite owners will finally get some details on the game's downloadable content this summer. Developer Irrational Games says that the first information will be released in July.

Irrational told Joystiq and Game Informer that we can expect the details in "late July." This information was thirded by GameTrailers TV host Geoff Keighley:

On Wednesday, Irrational Games' Ken Levine said that the development team for Infinite has been working on DLC since the game shipped back in March. However, he urged fans to remember that "game development takes time." He seemed to be inferring that this new content is still a ways away. Will we get it by the end of the summer, at least?

There are three add-ons planned for BioShock Infinite for its Season Pass. This content is story-based single-player content, instead of lifeless challenge rooms. Each add-on will cost $9.99 to purchase separately if you don't spring for the $20 Season Pass. That's about all we know about the DLC so far.

Irrational could go in a lot of different directions with the DLC. They could be creating some "lost chapters" for the middle of the campaign. Or they might introduce a brand-new character and story, sort of like the Minerva's Den content for BioShock 2. I'm really hoping for the latter. The only thing I can reasonably guess is that it's not a continuation of the main campaign. The ending was very definitive, and would be cheapened if Irrational just tacked on another chapter onto the end.

Whatever Infinite's DLC is, it will introduce new Achievements. Back in April, the game was updated on Steam with ten new achievements related to the first of the add-ons. The Achievements only have placeholder text at the moment so they're not very informative, sadly.

The only DLC available for Infinite so far is the Columbia's Finest add-on. This $5 DLC provides $500 of in-game money, six bonus items, two weapon upgrades and five lockpicks. It was included for free with the Collector's Editions of the game.

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