Bloodborne Player Beats Game Without Leveling Up

Bloodborne can be a difficult game. Well, for normal human beings, that is. And then there's BOYvsVIDEOGAME, a YouTube user who decided it would be a lot of fun to just waltz through the twisted levels of this unforgiving adventure without ever bothering to level his character up.

In case you are somehow still unimpressed by what he did in Bloodborne, let me lay out the full process by which BvV trounced one of the PlayStation 4's most difficult games. When you play Bloodborne, you're first given the option to create a character. The various classes, if you can call them that, work just like your standard RPG. One class gives you better stats in certain areas while others emphasize different stats. Basically, it gives the player the chance to set up a character that, from the get go, is geared toward its own play style.

And then there's the “Waste of Skin” class, which starts you off as low as humanly possible on the totem pole. You've got no perks, no strengths, no nothing. In order to properly wow audiences, this is the class BvV chose for his insane run through the game.

Before I show the video, it should go without saying that spoilers abound. BvV claims this was his first run through the game, but this “clean” run was probably cobbled together from various attempts. He tackles every boss, for instance, and some of those critters are extremely tricky to track down on your own. I suppose BvV could have been using an FAQ to guide him through the game, but he still had to do the work, beat the monsters and somehow walk away clean. Also, it doesn't appear that he used the trick to weaken the bosses, either.

For the rest of the lengthy series, you'll want to check out BvV's official Youtube page. It's impressive, and you might even learn some handy tricks along the way. As for why he decided to do this? Apparently, he wanted to prove the game wrong.

The description for the Waste of Skin class reads: “You are nothing. Talentless. You shouldn't have been born.” BvV goes on to add “I will prove what they say is wrong and beat the game at Level 4 without leveling and make all 'waste of skins' in the world hold their head up high with pride.”

I, for one, think he's proven his point. I'm nearing level 40 and, if I forget where an enemy is or make a couple of dumb mistakes, I can still get offed by a relatively low level creature. Bloodborne is notoriously difficult, but BOYvsVIDEOGAME has proven that a clear head and methodical play can work wonders.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.