It's a surprisingly busy week on the PlayStation Network. The highly anticipated Bloodborne release is accompanied by a number of new titles, including a couple of mech games and a several PlayStation Vita titles that, quite honestly, I've never even heard of.

Usually when a big game like Bloodborne launches, most other developers tend to give it a wide berth, not wanting to compete with such a heavy hitter. Then again, Bloodborne itself is something of a niche title and, believe it or not, most of these other PSN games fall into the same category. If you're looking for something a little different, this might be your lucky week.

As for Bloodborne, we're looking at a big, meaty action game from the team responsible for the Dark Souls series, so expectations are fairly high. Truth be told, the PlayStation 4 could really use a hit right now. With The Order 1886 proving to be a critical flop and Uncharted 4 being pushed into 2016, gamers could really use an undeniably good reason to actually own one of these new pieces of hardware.

Here's hoping that Bloodborne delivers when it arrives on the PS4 this Tuesday, March 24th.

If you're not feeling the BloodBorne vibe, though, there are plenty of other new releases to consider, including a pair of Vita games that has flown completely under my radar. 2013: Infected Wars is a wild third-person shooter that pits players against a horde of mutant monsters, while Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo is one of those mech games. Players control massive, customizable robots battling for control of the future. If that's not enough metal for ya, then you can also grab the original Armored Core, a PSone Classic. It'll be joined in the old school section of the store by Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore.

Lego Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin will also hit the Vita this week for the young or young at heart, while Metal Slug 3 brings its 2D, bullet-flinging antics to all three Sony consoles.

The PS4 will actually offer four more games this week, making for a beefy lineup on the home console. Arcade Archives Mit Mania Exciting Hour is something of an unexpected, oddball offering. It's an arcade wrestling game from 1985. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection will also bring its first-person shooting perfection to the PS4 this week, alongside Slender: The Arrival and action/shooter Yorbie Episode One: Payback's a Bolt.

So, there you have it. What are you planning to play this week?

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