From Software continues to update Bloodborne for PS4 owners. The game has been consistently receiving updates to tweak and modify the gameplay, in addition to periodically receiving new DLC expansions. The latest update focuses on enabling gamers to upgrade their weapons past the max level.

Game Informer picked up the news about Bloodborne and patch 1.09 from the official Japanese PlayStation blog, where From Software detailed what new features have been implemented into the update.

The most prominent change highlighted in the changelog is the ability to buy Blood Rocks. Before, only one was available per playthrough. This meant that players would have to keep replaying the game to get one Blood Rock, which enables players to upgrade their weapon in Bloodborne to the maximum level of 10+ strength. As noted by Game Informer, the only other additional Blood Rock was available through the Old Hunters DLC pack. So technically players could get two Blood Rocks if they participated in the DLC.

From Software has now made the update so players are able to purchase Blood Rocks from in-game vendors for 60 Enlightenment. Now, players are now able to buy as many Blood Rocks as they want. This will surely change the dynamic of the gameplay for some hardcore grinders.

But the update didn't just focus solely on the Blood Rocks. Bloodborne also received a few other tweaks per the 1.09 changelog. According to the post, From Software modified the stamina and power-consumption for some weapons. Developers note that they were “adjusted” but didn't detail whether they increased or decreased the consumption of stamina and power for some weapons.

There has also been a slight change to the Blood Stone Chunk, which can now be acquired for 20 Enlightenment instead of 30.

Updaters also hinted some other performance tweaks and adjustments to Bloodborne, but they don't offer any details on what those tweaks and adjustments are. It's kind of a strange to have a changelog where developers don't actually detail all of the changes, but that's how From Software rolls.

The 1.09 update for Bloodborne is available right now for PlayStation 4 owners. The game recently received the Old Hunters DLC expansion back in November, a month crowded with massive AAA releases from all the big publishers. It's easy to have missed the pack when games like Fallout 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Star Wars: Battlefront were crowding the news wires. It didn't help that the DLC for Sony and From Software's third-person hack-and-slash title wasn't as widely advertised as some of the other games that flooded the market. Of course, wasting a lot of money on advertising the DLC was probably secondary to Sony, considering that they were probably just focused on beating Microsoft on the NPD charts in November by out-bundling them with PS4 content.

Nevertheless, if you wanted a reason to get back into Bloodborne and maybe mess around with upgrading some of the game's lesser-used weapons by using a Blood Rock, now might not be a bad time to do so.
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