Developer Revolution Software is busy crafting the fifth game in the Broken Sword adventure series, The Serpents Curse, and, this time around, they're looking for a little help providing the funding. In this day and age, that of course means they've recently started up a Kickstarter campaign.

Anyone who thought adventure games were a fad of the past should probably take note of how well these games are doing through Kickstarter. Double Fine's newest project was pretty much funded instantly by its supporters and, in just one day, Broken Sword: the Serpent's Curse has pulled in 1,944 contributors, ammassing $86,992 of its target $400,000. There's still 29 days left in the funding drive so, if I were a betting man, I'd wager that this one is likely going to be another big success story.

While the beginning contribution level is $1, an investment of $15 will earn you a digital copy of the game (planned to release on PC, Mac, iOS and Android in early 2013), as well as a few additional goodies. Higher contribution amounts will earn you swag like original artwork, signed design documents, personalized drawings and even a mention in the game. For full details on the available tiers, as well as loads of extra information on the development process, check out the Broken Sword: The Serpents Curse official Kickstarter page.

According to managing director Charles Cecil, funding The Serpent's Curse through Kickstarter offers several advantages, including a more intimate relationship with the fans through the development process, as well as the ability to make the game they want, how they want.

“The process of game development has previously been remote from our fans,” Cecil said. “By self publishing, we now have a direct relationship with our audience—a position that we value enormously. We're delighted that the latest Broken Sword title is to be the first of our adventures that we can take with our fans. Crucially, Kickstarter support will enable us to create, for the very first time, an adventure game with total creative freedom.”

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