Buy Saints Row 3 And Saints Row 2 For $1

Humble Bundles aren't just for indie companies anymore. Publisher Deep Silver is now selling several of their games, including the past two Saints Row titles, in a new pay-whatever-you-want bundle.

In Saints Row 2, players must lead the Third Street Saints to prominence again. The once-great street gang was disbanded after their leader went into a coma. Now that he's back, he must build up the Saints and fight the new gangs that have divided up the city of Stilwater. He'll also have to contend with the powerful Ultor Corporation.

By the time Saints Row: The Third begins, the Third Street Saints are pop culture icons. This puts them in conflict with an international crime organization known as the Syndicate. After being ambushed by the Syndicate, the Saints travel to the new city of Steelport to get revenge.

If you pay as little as $1 for the Humble Deep Silver Bundle, you'll get full versions of both of these games. Deep Silver is also throwing in the open-world action RPG's Risen 2: Dark Waters and Sacred 2 Gold. The former is a journey through the pirate-infested Caribbean, while the latter is set in the medieval fantasy realm of Ancaria. The soundtracks for these games and the two Saints Row titles are part of the bundle as well. One measly cent, all of it. You don't even have to like something to pay a buck.

As with every Humble Bundle, though, there are bonuses if you pay more. Steam keys will be provided for those who pay $1 or more. By paying more then the average customer (currently $4.58), you'll also get the 16 DLC packs released for Saints Row 3 since its launch. Additionally, you'll unlock the Game of the Year edition of zombie co-op adventure Dead Island. Its sequel, Dead Island Riptide, will be doled out to anyone who pays $25 or more.

It's hard to imagine that there's anyone out there that doesn't own Saints Row: The Third on PC at this point. The game was part of the Humble THQ Bundle last year as well. It's constantly discounted on Steam and other digital shops as well. It seems Deep Silver wants to get the game in as many players' hands as possible to generate demand for Saints Row 4's release next month.

The bundle's been on sale for a couple hours and has already raked in over $270,000. At this rate, it could end up exceeding the $5 million earned by the Humble THQ Bundle. Not a bad pile of change for a collection of years-old games.

The Humble Deep Silver Bundle will be on sale for two weeks. You can buy your copy here (opens in new tab).

Update: The article previously stated that you could pay as little as one cent for the bundle. However, you need to pay a minimum of $1 because it's a Steam-only package. Apologies for the mistake.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.