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The latest Humble Bundle isn't a collection of indie games. Instead, they're a diverse offering of titles from publisher THQ. The Humble THQ Bundle, available for whatever price you set, will be on sale for the next two weeks.

For one dollar or more, you will get real-time strategy Company of Heroes and its two expansions, hack-and-slasher Darksiders, FPS Metro 2033 and third-person action game Red Faction: Armageddon. If you pay more than the average donation (currently about $5.32), you'll also get sandbox crime game Saints Row: The Third. The bundle includes soundtracks for SR3, Darksiders, Armageddon and Company of Heroes. Over 92,000 bundles have been sold so far for a total of nearly $500,000.

When you purchase the bundle, you can specify where your money goes to. You can split it between Humble Bundle Inc., THQ, Child's Play and the American Red Cross. THQ is really, really hoping you kick the cash their way.

One important note about this bundle is that it's PC-only. Furthermore, you'll need to redeem the games on Steam.