Many Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 owners will completely ignore the campaign and jump straight into the multiplayer. Today Activision released the first trailer for that side of the game which shows off the advanced technology players will use against each other.

Drones play an important role in the plot of Black Ops 2's campaign so it's no surprise they'd appear in the multiplayer as well. Players will be able to call down both air and land drones on their enemies, presumably as part of killstreaks. They can be manually controlled to ensure the maximum amount of carnage.

Players have a number of handy gadgets at their disposal. A new type of scope will allow players to see silhouettes of enemies through walls or smoke cover. A portable microwave weapon can stun opposing players so you can finish them off. The trailer also shows some sort of electric grenade that shocks anyone in the vicinity.

These new additions to multiplayer make me glad the series moved into the near future. It's tough to keep the online battles fresh with the same groups of modern-day weapons. All the high-tech toys will provide some unexpected twists to the usual action.

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