To no one's surprise, Call of Duty: Black Ops will be getting downloadable content. The first map pack, entitled "First Strike," will be released through Xbox Live on February 1st.

"First Strike" costs 1200 MS Points ($15) and adds five maps to the game. Four of these - Berlin Wall, Discovery, Kowloon, and Stadium - are for the normal competitive multiplayer. The fifth, called Ascension, is for the zombie co-op mode.

"We learned a lot of lessons in the development and design of the maps on the shipped game," said Treyarch's Dan Bunting on the Major Nelson Radio podcast. "For DLC we really wanted to go bigger with some of the things we learned that people liked. We focused a lot more on providing variety of weaponry, variety of engagement types, variety of verticality--a lot more verticality, bringing some sniper opportunities into it."

The timed Xbox 360 exclusivity for the map pack is due to an agreement between Microsoft and Activision that runs until 2012. The same deal was in place for Modern Warfare 2. In the case of that game, the map packs arrived on the PC and PS3 about a month later.

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