Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC Trailer Shows Off New Maps, Maverick Rifle

Activision formally announced the Onslaught Map Pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts this morning. They've sent out a trailer along with full details on the DLC's contents.

The Onslaught Map Pack will give players an interesting hybrid weapon known as the Maverick. The Maverick can be selected as an assault rifle or sniper rifle. The gun's fire rate of fire will change depending on which mode it's in. As a Sniper Rifle, the weapon will also have a scope to help your headshotting.

Onslaught will also include Nightfall, the first episode in a four-part Extinction mode story. This series centers around a recon team recovering intel from a secret facility in the Alaskan wilderness. Standing in their way is an army of aliens, including a "three-story tall terror." The four-episode story, featuring two new types of aliens and a new weapon, will be continued in future DLC packs.

It wouldn't be much of a map pack without new maps, though. Onslaught will add four new maps set throughout the world. Here are the development team's descriptions of each:

  • Fog - "A small to medium sized map set alongside the banks of a murky lake. Every area within 'Fog' is a chilling homage to classic horror films, from an eerie campsite, flickering TVs, torture chamber, and seemingly abandoned structures as players try to unlock the map's dark secret. If a player happens to find and complete a specific Field Order, they become the embodiment of evil and don the persona of one of cinema's most iconic horror characters, Michael Myers. Additionally, the entire soundscape changes to the eerily familiar Halloween Theme music so other players know to run for their lives."
  • Bayside - "A close-quarters map set on a coastal Californian boardwalk packed with seaside gift stores and an aquarium, offering players fast-paced run-and-gun matches. Players must also be wary of the deadly artillery strike enemies can call-in from a Naval Destroyer anchored just offshore."
  • Containment - "Containment transports players to a war-torn Mexican village, where the battle rages along both banks of the dried out riverbed. The action in this compact map centers on the remains of a small bridge holding a hi-jacked truck filled with leaking radioactive material. Surrounded by a myriad of abandoned bars, cafes, a church and a pool hall, "Containment" also features elevated rooftop vantage points for players who prefer longer-range engagements."
  • Ignition - "Ignition launches players into an aging Florida space launch facility. Inspired by 'Scrapyard' - the fan-favorite multiplayer map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, reimagined with dynamic gameplay elements - 'Ignition' packs plenty of action both above and below ground amongst abandoned warehouses, flame trenches, and a massive transport crawler. As if rockets crash-landing into the map weren't enough, the close-quarters combat is further complicated via two separate rocket test engines sites that opposing forces can trigger, sending massive fireballs into the already intense firefights, and the failed launch of a massive rocket has a dramatic effect on the combat."

The Onslaught Map Pack will launch on Xbox 360 and Xbox One on January 28th. The content will make its way to PS4, PS3 and PC at a later date. If you're playing on one of those platforms, expect to wait at least an additional month for the DLC.

Activision plans to release four DLC packs for Ghosts. You can get all four and the FreeFall map for $50 by purchasing the Season Pass. Map packs will also be sold individually for $15 apiece.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.