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Capcom Says They Will Fix Street Fighter X Tekken On PC Eventually

Street Fighter X Tekken for PC was delayed by two months from the console release which happened back in March. A separate team, QLOC, the same guys responsible for porting over Dead Rising 2, was in charge of porting over Street Fighter X Tekken for PC. The game was ported over, just as Capcom mentioned, as a direct 1:1 copy of its Xbox 360 counterpart with the minor adjustments made for the visuals and controls.

If you don't know what this means, it means that the game was ported over with all the day-one errors, bugs and glitches that the Xbox 360 version of Street Fighter X Tekken suffered early on before it was later patched. Many gamers thought that the delay of the PC version would mean that it would also receive the patches to fix the netcode, infinite combos and bugs, but that was not the case. Conveniently enough, Capcom made sure that the top priority was to remove the game's disc-locked content first and foremost. It's nice to know that profit making opportunities are always addressed first at Capcom.

Anyways, peeved gamers took their frustrations right to QLOC over the issue and received the following response (this is a direct copy and paste of the e-mail, take note that the devs aren't keen on their English skills)...

The game which went to retail and digital have content locked from few weeks ago - it isndue to microsoft and steam certificaton and then to disc manufacturing. Any patch requires implementation, testimg and then also certifications, so even when we finish our job, it still takes time. We recieve any new patches after their release and confirmation that all works.We are supporting the game after release and all what we can fix, will be fixed.

That's good news.

I think the main question is why wasn't Capcom more forthcoming about this if they knew this was the case? I mean, we were all jaded enough from the poor console release and they definitely made it known they were removing the on-disc DLC, but it would have seemed like having the patches ready for the PC launch (given that for consoles the patch was already made available during mid-April) should have been a top priority. I think we can be somewhat forgiving of the European retail disc release of the game, but there really isn't much of an excuse for the digital distribution of the game, which has far less stringent certification measures than the console counterparts.

Again, the company continues to slowly unleash additional disc-locked content, but they don't have patches ready in time for the game's release? I mean, it's no wonder why the executives at Capcom are disappointed with the sales of the game when they put all their focus into the disc-locked content as opposed to ensuring that the game worked correctly at launch. Conveniently, though, the execs blamed the stiff genre competition for the slumping sales as opposed to the company mishandling the property from a consumer relations point of view.

Capcom further reiterates what QLOC mentioned after reports about the bugs for the PC version of the game started going public, stating on their official forums that...

For the PC version of Street Fighter x Tekken, we have been keeping track of the issues that have popped up since launch. We wanted to assure you guys that the team is already hard at work on the first patch, and that many more are coming. All the same fixes that came to the console version (for example, improvements to the online gameplay, and a fix for the online sound issues) will also be coming to the PC version. We’ll let you know as soon as these patches are ready to go live, so please keep checking back for more information!

As you can imagine, forum goers were not amused.

The common suggestion is that while the game is fun and looks great on PC, it's probably better to wait for the patch than to dump money into the game and find out that the online mode is practically unplayable at the moment.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.