Castle Crashers Pink Knight Fights Breast Cancer

Downloadable beat 'em up Castle Crashers is getting a new playable character. The Pink Knight will be released for the PSN version of Crashers on February 8th.

The Pink Knight update also brings a deadly Lollipop and four other new weapons. Isn't that adorable? If you want more fuzzies, check this out: 100% of Behemoth's revenue from this $1.99 content pack will be donated to breast cancer research.

"Now before you become sad dear XBLA fans, remember Behemoth loves you too," wrote Behemoth on their blog. "We are working hard on a title update for XBLA that will feature the Pink Knight as a playable character as well. In the coming weeks we’ll have some more updates as to how and when this update will occur, and most importantly what will be included."

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.