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Storming castles is the name of the game, quite literally, in upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game, CastleStorm. Players will be able to bring down the house (er, castle?) on May 29 for 800 MSP.

Coming from Zen Studios, those folks behind the Zen Pinball games, CastleStorm is all about building something beautiful…And then destroying that beautiful something with catapults and enraged armies of Vikings and knights. Zen announced today that CastleStorm will finally be available on next week on XBLA for just 10 bucks.

“Built on the fond childhood memory of building and destroying Lego castles, CastleStorm mixes things up with 2D physics destruction mashed with tower defense brawler and comical story, allowing players to control their offences and defenses in real time over a 12-level single player campaign, and multiple co-op and multiplayer modes,” reads a press release from the developers.

Or, more succinctly put, “build a castle, protect your castle, destroy your enemy’s castle.”

The game features a dynamic castle editor that lets you create your own fortress, which can then be used in both single and multiplayer modes. Just don’t fall too far in love with your work, because that bad boy is going to get totaled throughout the course of a single round.

CastleStorm offers several tactical options for players to mix and match, including medieval artillery, ground troops and spells.

Look for it next week on XBLA.

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