Dracula is back and, in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 the player will get control of the Prince of Darkness on a quest for vengeance. The new trailer for the game was shown off during last night's Video Game Awards on Spike, giving viewers a brief glimpse into the game's story.

If you haven't played the original Lords of Shadow and care about spoilers, you might want to stop reading now and pass on watching the video until after you've played the first game. You've been warned.

So, assuming you finished the first Lords of Shadow saw the bonkers clip following the credits and dove into the extra DLC chapters, then you are already aware that hero Gabriel Belmont is none other than Lord Dracula himself. It's an awesome twist, and one that sets up a follow-up wherein the player gets to take control of Dracula perfectly.

So, now the world's most famous bloodsucker is back from the dead and he's super pissed. Many of last night's trailers have been pulled from the internet, but it looks like the Lords of Shadow 2 trailer has remained up over at Joystiq. If you have trouble watching the video here, maybe try there to see if it's still available. We have to assume that the trailer will be made properly available for the press at some point but, for now, it looks like Konami is playing hard to get.

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