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Relic Entertainment is creating a sequel to their World War 2 strategy game Company of Heroes. Company of Heroes 2 is said to put players in the shoes of the Soviet army as they push back the Nazi invasion.

The original Company of Heroes, released in 2006, is a real-time strategy. Players lead infantry and vehicle units into battle and attempt to capture points throughout the map. The more points you hold, the faster you gain resources. The resources, in turn, allow you to build structures and buy more units.

A NeoGAF user discovered that CoH2 is the cover story for the upcoming issue of PC Gamer. That confirms at least one platform for the game, then. The original CoH appeared on both the PC and Mac.

If the war on the Eastern front could be summed up in one word, it would be "cold." The harsh winter was a key deciding factor in the conflict between the Soviet Union and Germany. It'll play a prominent role in CoH2 as well. Snow can slow down troops and tanks. However, snow can also be advantageous; troops can also use it as cover during firefights.

CoH2 will be arriving in 2013, according to the PC Gamer preview.

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