Want a spiffy, detailed, Cooking Mama doll? Well, you could search high and low for one at toy shop or you could just pre-order Cooking Mama 4 for the Nintendo 3DS at GameStop to receive a free doll along with your pre-order purchase.

As stated in the press release…
Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic invites you to join Mama in the kitchen as she whips up true culinary masterpieces. Featuring countless new recipes and innovative dish combinations, you can learn the secrets of a chef through animated kitchen activities. The 3DS gyroscope allows you to cook in advanced new ways; whether you want to crack eggs, balance plates of food or grate cheese, achieve all of this and more participating in 3D events

There are also more than 200 mini-games littered throughout the game, as well as 60 different recipes for those who like spicing up their cooking agendas with something different.

If you’ve enjoyed throwing together meals and want to join the millions of other games out there in the cooking mama sensation then you can look for it to hit retail shelves this fall for the Nintendo 3DS.

You can learn more about the pre-order details and the Cooking Mama doll by visiting the Official GameStop Pre-Order Page

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