CounterSpy is all about living a James Bond-esque lifestyle, sneaking into guarded facilities, taking out bad guys and, most importantly, doing it in style. It's headed to the PlayStation 3, Vita and mobile and, thanks to some new info from the developers, we now know a few new details about this unique stealth action game.

Okay, so, E3 is a mighty big show and, let's face it, that means that quite a few games are likely to go under most folks' radars until the dust settles and a bit of elbow room has been created. It's in these weeks following E3 that we're likely to hear some new details on games that, for the most part, cruised quietly through the big trade show's three-day event.

CounterSpy is one such title, absent from Sony's press conference showing and only really available as a single reveal trailer amidst the hundreds of hours of footage that came from the show. We're getting to hear a little bit more about the game now, though, courtesy of Lead Designer David Nottingham's recent post over on the PlayStation Blog.

Nottingham began his post with a look at CounterSpy's reveal trailer, showing off a stylized world wherein a secret agent must sneak, punch, shoot, jump and leap his way to the heart of a terrorist threat.

Nottingham admits that E3 was a “blur” for he and his fellow developers over at Dynamighty as well, who were just one of several indie developers packed into Sony's admittedly large floor space.

“The indie love from Sony was really palpable and it was great to see so many awesome titles from small teams next to big budget stuff,” Nottingham added. He goes on to highlight the zen-like exploration puzzle game, Hohokum, and gorgeous action adventure game, Transistor, as being two of his personal favorites.

Nottingham then goes on to talk about grabbing dinner with Greg Johnson, the dude behind Toejam and Earl, and how great it is to see folks he grew up respecting as developers still doing good work in the industry.

Given an entire post to talk about their own game, I thought it was pretty cool to see Nottingham take a moment to talk about his fellow developers and games he himself is excited to play in the coming year. Still, it would have been nice to learn a few more deets about CounterSpy itself. More info on the controls? A bit more story info? A hint at a release date? Ah well. Maybe next time.

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