It's a supergiant day for fans of Supergiant Games and their previous title, Bastion. The developer finally pulled back the curtain on its latest project, a “science-fiction-themed action RPG” going by the name of Transistor.

Despite the fact that 2011's colorful and groundbreaking RPG Bastion was hugely successful, the developers showed some real guts in early 2012 when they announced that there were no plans for a Bastion 2. Usually, when an indie darling (or any game, for that matter) proves to be a winner, the next item on a developer's agenda is to start cranking away on the sequel. According to a statement from Supergiant's Greg Kasavin in an interview with Eurogamer, however, the developer was going to continue to expand its horizons with a brand new project.

“Our stance around what we want to do in the future hasn't changed in light of Bastion's success,” Kasavin said. “Thankfully Bastion has performed well enough to give us the resources to create another game on our own terms, meaning we can self-fund the project and take the time we need to get it right.”

That new project, as it turns out, is another RPG, though set in a wholly different world with a wholly different tone. From the above trailer, Transistor certainly appears to have some of the Bastion DNA running through its veins, but that's a pretty great thing in my book.

It's been a year since Supergiant announced that they were working on a new project and, today, the developer revealed Transistor on their website. According to the post from Kasavin, an early playable build of the game will actually be available this week at PAX East, though the game is not due out until sometime in 2014.

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