So you know that there’s new content available for Crackdown. This includes themes, vehicles, cheats, weapons and more. But it’s time we take a closer look at the content that’s currently available on Xbox Live. This includes a detailed look at the new available weapons and vehicles that will be at your disposal.

While a lot of people complain about the microtransactions, there is content that comes along every once and a while that justifies those darned MS Points. In this case, I can at least say that the available content will extend the playability of Crackdown to all new heights, and that’s definitely not a bad thing.

First up, the weapon selection. No one likes going on a bad-guy shooting spree if you’re not packing the coolest looking weapons in Pacific City. This new weapon pack ensures that no one in the Agency locker-room will laugh at your teeny, weeny gear. First is the powerful new rocket launcher, the MSK Lobber; a great tool for making fire and explosions a very close friend. In addition to the rocket launcher is the bullet spitting MZ360 Mini-Gun, proximity mines and a physics driven HRX Harpoon gun. Boy are you gonna have fun nailing perps to a building.

Moving on to more important matters – because really, there’s nothing more dear to an Agent’s heart than his car – are the new vehicles present in the game. One of the one mean machines present in the Premium content download is the Agency Buggy; a turret-equipped off-road monster that allows for Agents to use the chain-gun to tear holes in their opponents. Next up is the Agency Armored Vehicle; the perfect battering ram for a cluster of traffic or for busting into a heavily armored facility. This bad-boy Agency beast also comes fully equipped with an independent rocket-turret. Dear gosh, does it get any better? Well..yes, it does. The last and far from least of the group is the Agency Racecar...I honestly don’t think it requires much of an explanation. But if it suits you to have the details, all I can say is that the Agency Racecar is very fast. Yep.

The Premium content download is currently available for 800 Microsoft Points. Crackdown themes for your Xbox 360 can also be attained for an additional 150 MS Points. For your viewing pleasure you can check out a new trailer of the weapon additions below. Enjoy.

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