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Crysis 3 Beta Tutorial Video Introduces Hunter, Crash Site Modes

Crysis 3's multiplayer beta will launch later this week. To prepare gamers for the two objective-based game modes that await them, Crytek has released a brief tutorial video.

In Hunter Mode, two players start as Nanosuit-wearing hunters while all the other players take on the role of CELL Corporation troopers. The hunters, armed with a permanent cloak and a bow-and-arrow, must pick off these troopers before they can escape. Each trooper killed in battle will respawn as a hunter. If all the troopers are killed or one escapes, the match will end.

In the other mode, Crash Site, everyone's wearing a nanosuit. The two teams compete for control of alien pods landing at random on the map. The team holding the territory around the alien pod will earn points. The pod carries shields that can be used for protection or thrown at attackers. The defenders will also have access to a "Pinger" walker outfitted with heavy weaponry.

Players will be able to try out these modes in two maps. In the process, they'll earn XP and level up. The progression is capped at rank 10, allowing players to get a small taste of the unlockables that they can earn.

Crysis 3's beta will launch on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on January 29th.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.