Crytek confirmed today that their sci-fi shooter Crysis 3 will be arriving in February 2013 as previously planned. They went one further by announcing the specific dates: February 19th for North America and February 21st for Europe.

In Crysis 3, super-soldier Prophet returns to New York City. The city's changed dramatically since he last visited. It's now encased in a Nanodome that has transformed the city within into a rain forest. Prophet journeys into the New York City Liberty Dome to find out why the Cell Corporation built it.

Crytek also announced today that they've enlisted filmmaker Albert Hughes to create a video series inspired by the game. The series, entitled "The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3," will provide a look at the different environments of the Liberty Dome. Presumably there will be some violence too.

Hughes, who co-directed films like Menace II Society and Book of Eli with his brother Allen, collaborated with the development team at Crytek on the series. The videos composed entirely of assets from the game itself. They should be a good showcase of the game's graphics, then.

The first episode of "7 Wonders", called "Hell of a Town," will debut on December 12th. A teaser video for the series is below.

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