It's easy for us to make fun of Peter Molyneux for all his “life changing” ideas and ridiculous over-estimations of his video game concepts, but I think it's safe to say that he and his 22Cans members have pulled through on this and Curiosity really did contain a life-changing moment.

As indicated in the video above, one lucky winner – the person who chipped away the last block on the cube – was selected to take part in 22Cans' upcoming game, Godus. The event consists of basically “crowning” the winner as just more than a king for the day. The individual actually reaps the real-life monetary benefit of 22Can's project and will be the “god” of the game, so to speak.

So who was this lucky winner to get this life-changing moment to affirm that not every flesh suit is a potential money sack to be exploited by our ever-encroaching corporately controlled society of rat-racing individuals just trying to get by and keep their necks above the drowning rim of that oh-so-expanding ocean of overwhelming societal concerns and rising costs of survival? Well, it was a dude named Bryan Henderson from Edinburgh, Scotland, as indicated in Molyneux's Tweet.

The chap has already been interviewed by several major gaming sites and he's got a rough road ahead of him full of media inquiries, interviews and a ton of pesky, out-of-work slackers who will be hitting him up for dough via Twitter because that's how hippies roll.

Anyway, Godus will be launching under the 22Cans label and it will be interesting to see how this turns out, especially after the game didn't quite get the best of welcomings from the Kickstarter community. But with Henderson at the helm and making some sweet, sweet dough off of other people's work just for chipping away at a virtual block for an hour, I'm at least interested to see how this whole little social psychology shenanigan plays out.

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