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Bethesda Softworks has released their HD remake of DOOM 3. DOOM 3: BFG Edition is now available throughout North America and Australia, and will hit Europe on the 19th.

The BFG Edition provides a remastered version of DOOM 3. The 2004 shooter has been updated with better graphics and sound, as well as 3D support. Gameplay improvements such as checkpoint saves, and the ability to hold a flashlight and weapon at the same time (it's about damn time) are also included.

DOOM 3 is just one piece of this bundle, though. You'll also get the game's Resurrection of Evil expansion and "the Lost Mission," a set of eight new levels. As over-kill, Bethesda also threw in the original versions of Doom and Doom 2.

The compilation is available for $40 on the PS3 and Xbox 360, or $30 on the PC. PS3 owners will have the option of buying a boxed copy or grabbing a digital version off PSN.

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