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Defiance Gets A DLC Season Pass

Defiance is set to ship in early April to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC and, while the online massively multiplayer third-person shooter will be free-to-play following an initial purchase of the core game, Trion Worlds has plans to keep the content rolling following launch, adding all sorts of new goodies to the game. For those who want to save a little money, the publisher is offering a Season Pass for the first batch of DLC content.

Defiance is an odd beast of a game. As I said, it’s a third-person shooter that takes place in a massive world with hundreds of other players running around, interacting, helping out or causing trouble. The game is actually based on a Syfy television show that will be launching around the same time, with both entities interacting with one another in terms of story and development.

Think of Defiance as Borderlands meets World of Warcraft and you won’t be too far off base. There’ll be missions to take on, objectives to complete, big dynamic events to take part in and alien Ark technology to hunt down. Rather than play a magical panda, however, players will play mercenaries and adventurers armed to the teeth with loads of firepower.

While the core game will sell for the standard 60 bucks, taking your game online and playing with loads of fellow Ark Hunters won’t cost players a single extra cent. What will cost you, however, is the planned DLC for the game. According to Trion, players who want to save a good 20 percent on the first five DLC packs for the game can pick up a Defiance Season Pass for $39.99. These DLC packs include stuff like a new playable alien species, new weapons and vehicles, missions and rewards, bonus items, etc.

The Season Pass will be available around the time of Defiance’s launch on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC come April 2.

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