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Destiny Gameplay Footage Debuts In First ViDoc

Bungie has released the first ViDoc for their upcoming first-person shooter Destiny. In addition to detailing the futuristic storyline, it shows off the first gameplay footage.

Destiny depicts a future in which humanity is on the ropes. A mysterious cataclysm has killed the bulk of mankind. The survivors now live in a single city. Players are the city's protectors, traveling the stars to protect humanity from alien races that wish to wipe it out.

The gameplay details released earlier today said that the game has a persistent universe. Players will be able to play cooperatively and competitively with each other. The ViDoc shows social features accessible through web browser and smartphone so gamers can stay plugged into the world even if they're not actually playing.

The gameplay footage starts around the 3:15 mark. It shows players in battle gear running around the surface of diverse alien planets. The player character is wielding a big rifle but we don't get to see any combat sadly. It's exciting to get a peek at the actual gameplay, though.

Destiny will arrive on Xbox 360, PS3 and next-gen platforms later this year. Bungie has plans to continue developing this new universe for the next ten years.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.