Destiny House Of Wolves Is One Update Away From Release

Destiny's second expansion pack, House of Wolves, might be coming earlier than expected. Bungie said on Thursday that they've only got one update to release before Wolves.

"Imagine if you will that Updates to Destiny are like the Guardians landing in the Tower," said Bungie community manager David Dague in the latest Weekly Update. "As one swoops in and descends below the deck, the next is already in orbit, on approach, just waiting for clearance to land their ship. Now that 1.1.1 has been tucked in below decks, we can line up the next 'release candidate' for final approach."

"We’re still weeks away. But, before the House of Wolves begins its own descent through the stratosphere with precious cargo in tow, you can expect another Destiny Update to come in for a landing."

Last we heard, Wolves was scheduled to arrive between April and June. Pessimist that I am, I expected that meant we'd get Wolves in late June. However, if Update 1.1.2 is just weeks away and that's the only patch coming before the expansion, an April or May release actually sounds plausible now.

That small tease was all that Bungie was willing to share about their future plans in the Weekly Update. In the coming weeks, though, they plan to start divulging information on Patch 1.1.2.

"This week exists in a space between updates… an update within a series of updates. Even an air-traffic controller gets a coffee break. Watch the skies, because we have more birds inbound for you to enjoy."

Bungie hasn't formally announced any details on House of Wolves yet. There have been plenty of (alleged) leaks over the past few months though that showed off new loot, activities and a social hub set in the Reef. Bungie hasn't outright denied any of these details, instead simply saying that they're subject to change before House of Wolves' release.

It's safe to say Destiny players are chomping at the bit for new content. It's been four months since the game's first expansion pack, The Dark Below, went live. At this point, many have already completed the new content that Dark Below introduced and gotten most of the loot on their wishlist too. Hopefully Bungie doesn't make them wait too long for House of Wolves.

We know even less about Update 1.1.2 than House of Wolves. All we can do is guess at this point. Update 1.1.1 made sweeping changes to a number of weapons so maybe 1.1.2 will roll back or tweak some of those changes? Or perhaps the new patch will bring expanded vaults, a feature that Bungie's been teasing for awhile? It would be nice to have more storage space once House of Wolves brings a flood of new loot.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.