Destiny's PS4 Install Size Revealed

Bungie's upcoming first-person shooter, Destiny, has had its installation size revealed for the PlayStation 4. The game will require 40GB of the PS4's hard drive space in order to install and operate properly.

Gameranx spotted the story from a Reddit thread that links directly to Sony's official Entertainment Network, where details about Destiny's installation are highlighted on the promotional page.

The line in question is available over on the product page right now and it reads as follows...

“40 GB hard drive storage (or its equivalent) is required. Additional storage may be required for some updates and features. Storage requirements subject to change.”

The amount of space shouldn't be too surprising to many gamers, considering that the start of the generation launched with some pretty hefty installation requirements. In fact, the games were so big at launch that some studies were done to see how many games and apps could fit on the PS4's hard drive until it was completely full. The study found that 27 games and 10 apps could fit on the PS4's default hard drive.

The Xbox One didn't fare quite as well, given that it has a far more expensive operating system overhead and its core system features take up a lot more memory than the PS4. In result, the Xbox One can only hold 20 games on the default hard drive.

Thankfully, both consoles now offer the ability to upgrade the storage space, with the PS4 allowing for internal hard drive upgrades and the Xbox One allowing for external hard drive upgrades for additional storage space.

Many gamers had previously lamented the 500GB standard HDDs that came with both consoles considering that both consoles require games to be fully installed in order to play them. Hence, the default drives fill up rather quickly and it means that someone with a lot of games will either have to buy a new hard drive or juggle software installation management rather frequently.

Games are expected to continue to stay large and get larger as the generation wears on. The real task is dealing with the bandwidth hurdles that will come with some of these games, especially considering that additional patches and DLC aren't included in the base installation requirement.

As for Destiny, it's likely that the game will be half the size of the PS4 version for the seventh generation consoles, as the Xbox 360's discs are very limited in how much storage space they can hold. It's also likely that the game may arrive on two discs for the 360, perhaps one being an installation disc while the other is the full game. However, no details have been made known just yet regarding how Bungie and Activision will handle the more technical specs for the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of the game. The Xbox One version is probably going to have the same system requirements as the PS4 version.

Destiny is due to release this September for all four home consoles, and pre-order details are available now. You can learn more by visiting the official website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.