PS4's Hard Drive Can Hold 27 Games, 10 Apps

Previously, we wrote about an actualized test of Xbox One games being installed to the hard drive, and rolling out information on just how many games Microsoft's new console can hold. Well, today, we bring you info on an actualized test for the hard drive capacity of the PS4... and it's quite a difference in comparison, to say the least.

So as you know, in the other article, the Xbox One was labeled by IGN as having a hard drive that only contained 362GB of usable space, which was lower than the estimated 391GB that we previously reported on. During the test, they were also only able to fit 20 games onto the Xbox One's hard drive.

In IGN's latest test of the PS4's hard drive capacity, we learn that out of the 500GB HD included with the system, only 407GB is available for actual player usage. This isn't too bad considering that previously, during the tear down, it was estimated that 408GB would be available. The PS4's OS and pre-installed apps take up 93GB worth of data.

IGN then proceeded to fill up the hard drive with games and apps to see how much the PS4 could hold before hitting the rim. They managed an impressive 27 games and 10 apps. Of course, the amount of games and apps you have on the hard drive will vary, but within the space and given the efficiency of the installs, you can hold 7 additional games on the PS4's hard drive as opposed to the Xbox One.

It's pretty amazing really, that despite both the Xbox One and PS4 both having 500GB hard drives, you can fit more games onto the PS4's hard drive and you have the option of replacing it right out of the box. For now, Xbox One owners will have to wait for Microsoft to implement the option to use external hard drives, which means you'll be byte counting for every new game until that option arrives.

The PS4 also beat the Xbox One in Kotaku's install-time and boot-up comparisons, where PS4 games could get started within seconds, where-as some Xbox One games took minutes.

The PS4's 27 games that IGN installed before they ran out of hard disk space (although technically they had 12GB left) can be viewed below, along with the apps. It's good to know that Sony made their OS efficient enough where you at least get a lot of the hard drive space back for your own personal use.


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