Destiny Refer-A-Friend Trailer Shows Off The Exclusive Rewards

While Bungie has already listed the reward details for its upcoming Refer-a-Friend promotion in Destiny, some folks tend to be more visual learners. To that end, the team has put together a handy little video that shows off all of the goods you can earn by helping a new Guardian get to know the universe.

It’s not easy jumping into a new online game, especially when the majority of the game’s community has been chugging along for over a year. Similarly, not all higher level players want to chaperone a newbie through areas that don’t really pose a threat to them anymore. To help make these connections more rewarding, Bungie has put together a Refer-a-Friend event for Destiny that give seasoned players and Kinderguardians some additional goodies for hooking up and thrashing some alien scum.

It looks like the process for this Refer-a-Friend promotion will actually be pretty straightforward. Once an experienced player has “linked” with a newcomer, they can team up and head to the Speaker to receive a special quest. It seems like the purpose of these quests is to introduce new players to Destiny’s universe and various systems, as well as get in some solid leveling with an experienced player at their side. For the pros, Refer-a-Friend serves as a reminder that even tackling lower level content in Destiny can yield rewards, give you a chance to knock out some side missions and just have fun with other players.

The Refer-a-Friend trailer does a good job of highlighting all of those sweet new rewards, which include a couple of new emotes, a new Shader, a new Emblem, a rad new Sparrow and even a new Sword. Everything here seems pretty great, but I’ve absolutely gots to get me that emote boasting the co-op handshake/dance.

The Refer-a-Friend promotion is free and, given the upcoming holidays, this is pretty much perfect timing for something like this. Despite Destiny’s huge success, there are still plenty of people who either don’t own the game yet or might be planning to start from scratch is Santa decides to finally deliver that next-gen console this year.

Despite all of that, the internet is still the internet, so I suppose I shouldn’t be so shocked to see a bunch of negative comments attached to the trailer. Some folks seem to be forgetting that there isn’t a price tag attached to the Refer-a-Friend rewards and are thus claiming that this is some sort of weird attempt to suck even more money out of players. Others appear to be offended that they would be expected to jump through the hoops of meeting/playing with someone new in order to earn these rewards, rather than just have them handed out as a thank you for their months of dedication to the game. I find this frustrating, since this seems to be one of those rare in-game promotions that actually nails it.

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