Destiny Skill Calculator Lets You Plan Your Character

Update: The skill calculator previously reported has been taken down. However, you can use DestinyDB to plot out your characters now.

Original article: Destiny's release is still a couple months away but you can start planning your character's progression right now. One gamer has created a skill calculator that can be used with all three character classes.

The skill calculator lets you choose active and passive abilities that your Guardian will gain as they level up. The details on each ability chosen, including its mechanics and button assignment. The site also shows you how your main attributes (armor, recovery, agility) will be affected by your decisions.

While Destiny is first and foremost a shooter, it has the framework of an MMORPG as well. Characters will grow in strength as they level up and gain new equipment. Players are able to specialize their Hunter, Titan or Warlock in several different ways to suit their playstyle. I'm not surprised that someone would develop a standalone tool for players to plot these decisions outside of the game.

The calculator doesn't show the full extent of Destiny's customization yet. The tool is based on the alpha test so its content is limited. For example, it only features one subclass from each of the three classes. Creator "Voldaris" has plans to keep updating it as more information about the game is revealed, though.

"It needs some graphic updates, but it is fully functional," Voldaris said on Reddit. "It could use some added features like a summary of your chosen skills, and a way to save your build. but I'll work on those soon. If you find any bugs, please let me know. Hope you enjoy."

I'd also appreciate it if the calculator told you what level you'd need for each upgrade. That would make it a little bit easier to envision my character's progression. That's far from an essential change, though.

We can expect the skill calculator to get a facelift as soon as the beta launches this month. At that time, Voldaris is going to let players plot out their armor and weapon mods as well.

Destiny's beta will give players another look at the competitive and cooperative multiplayer of the shared-world shooter. The beta will debut on PS4 and PS3 on July 17th. The Xbox 360 and Xbox One test isn't dated yet but will arrive in late July as well.

Bungie hasn't detailed the content of the beta test yet. It should have more content, though, than the alpha test held exclusively on PS4. The development team said there won't be a Non-Disclosure Agreement for the test so everyone playing will be able to share videos and screenshots of their adventures. That should make it easy for Voldaris to update his calculator with the latest information.

Destiny will launch on all platforms on September 9th. I'm looking forward to the full version even though the alpha test left me with a few big concerns.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.