Square Enix has recently registered several domains under the label Deusthefall. The game itself will be called Deus Ex: The Fall and a new trailer has gone live. We can expect the full announcement later this week on Wednesday. Why Wednesday? I'm sure someone nerdier than me has the answer.

The site domains were discovered by none other than the resident video game industry forum portal, Neogaf. They note that Square Enix has registered the following domains: Deusexthefall.com and Deusexthefall.net, etc. This was also followed by a Tweet from Eidos-Montreal that simply states “Are you ready for the Fall?”

I am if they are.

I sure hope that the game is a real game and Eidos Montreal is aiming to do the game some legitimate justice and this isn't a cash-in, because I can honestly say that Deus Ex: Human Revolution is easily one of the best written and best designed games I've played...ever.

Compared to the original, I think Human Revolution is a better game during its generation than the first Deus Ex game was during its generation. Then again, we had a lot of crappy linear games filling out the ranks this gen, where-as the original Deus Ex was competing with games like Omikron, No One Lives Forever, Perfect Dark, System Shock 2 and the original Half Life. So...yeah.

Anyway we'll keep you posted on what Eidos and Square Enix unveil in just two days. I don't know why they didn't wait until E3 but maybe they're getting the announcement out of the way first so they can present the game during one of the presentations during Sony or Microsoft's conference? One can hope.

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