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Diablo 3's Monk And Leoric Will Join Heroes Of The Storm Soon

Blizzard has shared a new cinematic trailer for "Eternal Conflict," the upcoming Diablo-themed event for Heroes of the Storm. The trailer reveals two more characters from Diablo 3 that will be coming to the MOBA.

The first new addition to the roster is the Monk. His HoTS incarnation fills a support role in the battlefield. He's able to heal allies in the thick of battle while also pummeling foes with kicks and punches. In D3, he could switch between Mantras to provide different bonuses to himself and his teammates and I suspect that's going to be the case here as well.

The other new character, Leoric, seems to be further along in development. This skeleton king has a very interesting passive. When he dies, he becomes a wraith that stalks the battlefield. Once his respawn timer is up, Leoric will be resurrected at his wraith's location rather than at base. That could be a very powerful passive. Imagine being able to resurrect behind the squishier enemies before a teamfight.

He's designed to be on the front lines. His Q ability is Skeletal Swing, a powerful sweep of his mace that hits multiple targets. Drain Hope allows him to steal an opponent's health even while autoattacking. Wraith Walk is his gap-closing ability. It allows him to turn into a ghost and fly over to a distant target.

Leoric's two Heroic abilities help him finish off the fight. Tombstone creates a U-shaped wall to box in enemies. When Leoric casts March of the Black King, he strides forward and delivers high damage to any enemies in his way.

Thus far Blizzard has announced three new characters coming in "Eternal Conflict." The previously revealed Hero is the Butcher, another melee champion. He can run down enemies or chain them in place and then dice them up with his giant cleaver.

"Eternal Conflict" will also add new battlegrounds to the game. The first announced is the Battle of Eternity, a two-lane map with the immaculate halls of Heaven on one half and the fiery landscape of Hell on the other. In the center, a giant demon and angel are battling each other. If players help the NPC on their side to win, they'll then get their aid in battle.

This Heroes of the Storm event, the first since the game launched, will begin later in June and run for several months.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.