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Diablo 3 Players Can Get These Heroes Of The Storm Rewards

Blizzard has decided to reward Diablo 3 players. Anyone who owns the action RPG can acquire several rewards for Blizzard's MOBA Heroes of the Storm.

The latest Heroes of the Storm patch, now live, unlocks the Diablo hero for anyone with Diablo 3 attached to their account. Diablo is a melee warrior that collects souls from dead enemies to boost his maximum health. He can also unleash fire and lightning magic to hit groups of nearby enemies. This offer will only be available until 10 am PDT on September 8th, though.

If you reach level 12 in Heroes of the Storm, you'll also get this pennant and portrait frame for Diablo 3:

Heroes of the Storm pennant and portrait frame for Diablo 3

Blizzard also added a major incentive for you to keep playing Diablo 3. If you reach level 70 with one character during Season 4, you'll get Malthael's Phantom mount in Heroes of the Storm. I'm hoping they'll actually add Malthael himself to the game someday but this is a good start.

Today's Heroes of the Storm patch also brings a new Diablo-themed character: Kharazim the Monk. Kharazim is a martial artist who can assist his allies while pummeling the other team. At the start of the game, he chooses whether his basic attacks will heal nearby heroes, deal extra damage, or restore mana. Here are the other abilities at his disposal:

  • Radiant Dash (Q) - Jump to an ally or enemy. Enemies are immediately hit with a Basic Attack. Stores up to two charges. 12 second cooldown per charge.
  • Breath of Heaven (W) - Heal nearby allied Heroes, granting them a 10% Movement Speed bonus for 3 seconds.
  • Deadly Reach (E) - Your next Basic Attack increases your Attack Speed and Attack Range by 100% for 2 seconds.
  • Seven-Sided Strike (R) - Become Invulnerable, striking 7 times over 2 seconds in a large area. Each strike deals 7% of the target’s maximum Health as damage, and prioritizes the Hero with the highest remaining Health.
  • Divine Palm (R) - Protect an allied Hero from death. The next source of fatal damage within 3 seconds is prevented, and the target is instead healed for a large amount.

The patch's other changes include reworked bundles. Bundles of in-game content will now be cheaper if you already own some of the skins, mounts or champions included in that package. Blizzard has also promised to give gold refunds to players who essentially purchased some content twice back when bundle prices didn't change like that.

Next week Heroes of the Storm will introduce a Diablo-inspired Battleground called Infernal Shrines. In this battleground, players can capture shrines located in each of the three lanes. Activating a shrine will summon a Punisher that will help your team. The downside, though, is that you'll have to kill the shrines' A.I. guardians to capture it - and leave yourself open to ambushes by the enemy team in the process.

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