Heroes Of The Storm's Next Three Characters Announced

Today Blizzard shared the first trailer for Heroes of the Storm's next character, Kharazim the Monk. They also surprised everyone by announcing two more heroes coming to the game.

Kharazim is a melee support champion. He can choose between three traits at level one to determine how offensive or defensive he'll be. Iron Fists boosts his attack damage, Transcendance lets him heal with his attacks, and Insight restores his mana. Here's a run-down of his abilities (via HeroesNexus):

  • Radiant Dash (Q) - Teleports to an allied or enemy Hero.
  • Breath of Heaven (W) - Heals Kharazim and nearby allies.
  • Deadly Reach (E) - Boosts Kharazim's attack range and damage.
  • Seven-Sided Strike (R1) - Hits nearby enemies with seven attacks. Kharazim is untargetable while performing these attacks.
  • Divine Palm (R2) - Puts ally in stasis and heals them.

He will be the latest champion added to the game as part of the Diablo 3-themed event Eternal Conflict. Blizzard previously added the Butcher and Leoric to the game during this event along with a map called Battle of Eternity.

Blizzard will be adding another Diablo map to the game before the event is over. Infernal Shrines is a three-lane Battleground with a shrine in each lane. By activating a shrine and killings its guardians, players can summon a Punisher with randomized abilities that will help them in battle.

The next Hero on deck, presumably coming after the event has wrapped up, is Warcraft's Rexxar. Rexxar, the Hunter character in Hearthstone, is a ranged warrior who can summon boars and a hawk to attack enemies. He's also accompanied into battle by his pet bear Misha. Misha can charge and stun enemies in a location. Rexxar's abilities include a heal and attack boost for his bear.

Sometime after Rexxar's release, Blizzard will introduce StarCraft's Artanis to the game. Artanis, the main character in StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void. Here's what Blizzard said about his Heroes of the Storm incarnation:

If you’re the kind of player who prefers warriors that get up close and personal with their enemies, Artanis may be just the Hero for you. The leader of the Protoss will soon join the fight as the first StarCraft warrior, and he’ll be bringing some heavy hitting abilities with him.

When the company began offering pre-purchases for StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void, they said it would come with a free StarCraft 2 Warrior character for HotS. Artanis is presumably that mystery character.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.