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We're one week closer to Diablo 3's release so Blizzard has unveiled another class spotlight video. This time around, they're showing off the Witch Doctor, an unconventional magic user.

The Witch Doctor can bring down fire, acid, and locusts on enemies. They're not just a simple mage, though. They can also summon pets like zombies and spiders to fight alongside them. They're also good at crowd control; they can fear enemies, root them in place, or even turn them into chickens.

It's easy to see parallels between the Witch Doctor and classes in other RPG's. If you played Necromancer in D2, Witch Doctor will offer a similar experience. The class should be appealing to those of you with Warlocks in WoW, too.

Tomorrow Blizzard will update the official launch site with additional information on the Witch Doctor. The Witch Doctor is the fourth class to be spotlighted on the site. The fifth and last class to be previewed will be the Wizard.

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