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From Remedy Games, Quantum Break is set to release on the Xbox One and Windows 10 in April, and even though hype around the title hasn’t been as boisterous as Tom Clancy’s The Division or Far Cry Primal, that doesn’t make it any less intriguing. Maybe to boost interest, it’s been announced that the digital copy of Quantum Break will now come with a free copy of Alan Wake.

You might remember that lovable horror game, Alan Wake, wrapped up in an terrifying and living narrative inspired by none other than Stephen King himself. I kid you not, the day it came out, I was interning at a daily newspaper during a summer heat wave and without access to a car at the time, I rode my bike all the way to Walmart to buy it. Now that was dedication. The game seemed to encompass all of the elements I looked for in a game: horror, a strong story and heck, even inspiration from one of my favorite authors. I never got around to playing the second installment in the series because I had heard negative things, but the first one was where it was at. Thankfully, those lucky enough to get their hands on the digital copy of Quantum Break will be able to try Alan Wake for themselves if they haven’t before.

The free copy of Alan Wake will also come with the two add-ons, The Signal and The Writer. But that’s not all. Owners of the digital copy will also get the second game in the Alan Wake series, American Nightmare. And though these games are both older, they will be backwards compatible and playable on the Xbox One. No details have been released on whether or not the freebies will be available for the retail copy of the game. But the Windows 10 version for Quantum Break was also just announced today as well, but I think it was a given considering the obvious partnership between Xbox One and Windows 10.

I’m pretty upset this game won’t be on the PS4. I’ve been noticing lately that Microsoft has been putting out exclusives that aren’t just shooters like Halo (with the exception of Alan Wake, of course), and Quantum Break is one of them. It’s smart on their end to directly compete with PS4’s exclusive games like Beyond: Two Souls, Uncharted and The Last Of Us. And because of that, some PS4 owners might be convinced to buy an Xbox One just to play the exclusives. I’ll be honest, I’ve thought about it from time to time just so I could play Quantum Break. I’m a hardcore PlayStation fan, but do I really need to take sides between Xbox and PlayStation? We’ll see how the reviews go.

Quantum Break will be releasing on April 5 and if you pre-purchase the Xbox One bundle version, you get the PC version for free. For more information, check out Quantum Break’s official website.