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Dragons Vs Unicorns Announced: The Greatest Showdown Of Awesomeness

You know how gamers have been begging game developers and publishers for decades that we need an intense, macho, balls-to-walls unicorn game? I mean, something that makes Quentin Tarantino stuff look like child’s play and it the kind of content that will make Ron Paul weep. Well, that wish has come true…unicorns will get their chance to shine in the new cross-platform action game, Dragons Vs Unicorns, which is due out for the iOS, Android, PC and Mac.

Developer newcomer Keren Kang, COO of Digital Harmony Games commented in the press release about the romp-stomping, horn blasting, hoof beating action game, saying…

"Dragons vs. Unicorns is the perfect game for our first release because it's got a great art style and offers an exciting gameplay experience for anyone who picks it up," … "Creating a seamless cross-platform connective experience is quite important, and part of that experience is to ensure that there will be a multiplayer game available 24/7. With our cross-platform connective technology, players will always find a game against an iOS, Android, or web opponent."

Man, this game just keeps getting better. The only thing that could make it even more awesome is if there is Super Beast Armor 3000 for the Unicorn and if Unicorns can charge up and shoot rainbow colored lasers. Man that would be so awesome.

Anyway, the story follows a great war waged between Dragons and Unicorns, and the tension between the two beasts escalated because Dragons wanted to be the top-end badasses of the world and Unicorns wanted to be the top-end horse queens of the world, and it just wasn’t working out and so the Dragons waged war against the rainbow loving, cupcake-eating, sprinkles and sparkles wearing Unicorns, but it wasn’t easy.

Players will choose between the battle-hardened Dragons or the glitter adorned Unicorns, duking it out in vicious PvP bouts. There is a single player mode to help hone your skills before going online to whoop butt, real-time dynamic physics, special attacks, super abilities, persistent character growth and a VS Store. Oh yeah, and did I mention that the game is cross-platform enabled? Yeah, so there will never be a shortage of multiplayer competition.

You can learn more about Dragons Vs Unicorns by visiting the Official Digital Harmony Website.

Oh yeah, and before you head back to your boring life and leave this uber-awesome news behind, take a little bit of this awesomeness with you by checking out the Ultimate Robot Unicorn Attack Theme Song below. Awesome.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.