Irrational Games creative director Ken Levine during Sony's E3 presser on Tuesday. He had big announcements for both PS3 owners and gamers looking to purchase the handheld PS Vita.

BioShock Infinite will feature PlayStation Move support. Furthermore, the PS3 version of Infinite will also come with a free copy of the first BioShock. The latter announcement's a pretty huge deal, as the first BioShock was never released for the PS3.

Levine also mentioned that a BioShock game is being prepared for the PS Vita. It was described as a new game in the BioShock universe, so at least we know it's not just an adaptation of an existing title. No other details were revealed, though.

If you're not a PlayStation gamer, Irrational still had a treat for you. They released a brand new BioShock Infinite trailer. Check 'er out below.

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