While Story of Seasons may not bear the Harvest Moon moniker, this “new” series from long-time producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto has roots that are firmly planted in the fertile soil of the beloved life-sim series. During E3 2014, Hashimoto sat down with Gaming Blend to discuss his new game (coming exclusively to the Nintendo 3DS this winter), what makes it similar to past Harvest Moon games, as well as what sets it apart.

First, just a little bit of background for those who are confused by all of the recent Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons news. While Story of Seasons was a Harvest Moon game when it released in Japan back in February, that property is actually owned by Natsume and, here in the States, this new game is being published by XSEED. Natsume actually has a new Harvest Moon game arriving in the US this year called The Lost Valley, which only furthers the confusion. According to Hashimoto, though, the hope is to continue the Story of Seasons franchise here in the US under this new name, and this upcoming title can be seen as a fresh starting point for the series.

In other words, Story of Seasons is basically a Harvest Moon game in every way but its name and, based on my time with the game and Hashimoto at E3, there are even a few welcome changes that help set the game apart.

For fans of previous Harvest Moon games, don't worry, you're still going to be farming, raising livestock and trying to woo a love interest or two while preparing for festivals and getting in the occasional side activity. The game still takes place from a 2.5-D top-down perspective, and you'll still be racing the sun on a daily basis in order to cram in as much work as humanly possible.

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