“After a while, you start to look around and realize you don't have a boss, you don't have bills, you can go and climb that building you've always been looking at, you can blow stuff up and you can play your music as loud as you want,” Smith explained. “In short, one man's apocalypse is another man's awesomeocalypse.”

Smith went on to say that, when he says “you,” that's what he really means.

“Although we have a guy on the box, we don't really have a named character. We have a robust character customization system,” he continued. “At the beginning of the campaign, you can choose who you are going to play as. You can be male, female, different races, different body sizes, different hairstyles, cross-gender...there are no limitations. You can be crazy, conservative, and you can be whoever you want to be.”

Along with the mutated threat, the player is gong to have to take on Fizzco security details who are trying to keep the fiasco under wraps, as well as human bandits, called Scabs. You'll have some help, though, as a couple of friendly factions are also in the game. One such group is called Troop Bushido, a collection of adult Adventure Scouts who survived the outbreak inside a Japanese heritage museum, where they have now become obsessed with samurai culture and the bushido code. Another group is called the Fargarths, a group of live-action roleplayers who were in the city park when the world went sour and now they are a little emotionally scarred, thinking that the module they were playing has now become reality.

The standard enemies, though, are folks who chugged too much Overcharge and are now mutated. Some of these folks happened to be standing too close to environmental objects, like leaf blowers or a bulldozer, and now those items have been melded to their bodies to provide additional attacks, strengths, etc. Luckily, you've got plenty of tools, and speed, at your disposal to assist in cleaning up this hella-mess.

“We wanted Sunset Overdrive to be all about momentum and aggression,” explained Drew Murray. “Last gen was all about taking cover and playing it safe. We wanted players to be out there playing recklessly, playing right on the edge of their abilities.”

As mentioned above, this was accomplished by making the game's environments extremely interactive. You can bounce on awning and trees, grind across rails, power lines and wires, and keep right on moving as the enemies try and keep up.

“We very much acknowledge that this is a video game. We want people to have fun,” Murray said. “We spent a lot of time trying to come up with different ways to sort of make fun of the conventions of video games and express the spirit of creativity that we want the Insomniacs to explore.”

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